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Immediate Annuities, Deferred Fixed Annuities and Index Annuities - Save Time & Get A Great Deal!

Immediate Annuity Payouts - We have the Highest! Buy all of your Annuities Here! We are Immediate Annuity Specialists and Deferred Income Annuity Specialists! Also Specialists for Annuities (CD Type) and Index Annuities!

Annuity Interest Rates are generally Higher than CD Rates - Review All Annuity Rates and Annuities!

Immediate Income Annuities should be added to every Retirement Portfolio for Monthly Income / Spendable Cash Flow needs.

Do you want Guaranteed Income for Life?

Safely Position 30% - 60% of your Portfolio to generate a Guaranteed Fixed Income for your Life or for the Life of you & your spouse. A Guaranteed Fixed Income can also be set up for a specified period of time, 10 Years up to 30 Years.
Immediate Annuities are the Only Safe Solution to your Long-term Income needs!

Estimates of a $100,000 Immediate Annuity (Non-Qualified) with Monthly Guaranteed Payments are the following (Updated 8/27/2012):

Years Period Certain

5 Yr 

10 Yr

15 Yr

20 Yr 

25 Yr 

30 Yr

Guaranteed Amounts







Male - Ages







Life Only







Life and 15 Years Certain







Life and 20 Years Certain







Female - Ages







Life Only







Life and 15 Years Certain







Life and 20 Years Certain







Male/Female = Ages







Joint and 100% Survivor







These may or may not be the Highest Available. Get Current Actual Quotes Now: Click Here! is The Best place to Buy Immediate Income Annuities, Index Annuities and Fixed Rate Annuities. More details including numbers on Period Certain Annuities are on the Immediate Annuity Page and on the Income Strategy Page.

Annuity: A Directional Indicator of Annuity Rates and Payouts is the change in Treasury Bond Yields Click Here to View.

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What Is An Immediate Annuity?

An immediate annuity provides a secure and guaranteed way to turn the money you set aside for retirement into retirement income. You give the insurance company a lump sum of money (called a premium) and in return, you're guaranteed a steady stream of income payments for your entire life, or for a period of time that you specify.

An immediate annuity provides a secure, tax-advantaged way to receive income from assets. With this type of annuity, income payments usually begin soon after the immediate annuity is purchased.

Purchasing an immediate annuity requires a one time premium payment. Retirees often purchase a single premium immediate annuity with funds received from 401(k) plans, IRAs, saving accounts, the cash value or death proceeds from life insurance or the proceeds from the sale of a home. The company issuing the immediate annuity guarantees payments directly to you monthly, quarterly, annually or semi-annually for life or for a guaranteed period of time. The 1st annuity payment or payment start date can begin in 30 days or can be deferred for up to 12 months.

Payments from an immediate annuity can be scheduled to supplement your regular social security or pension plans.

Payments can be designed to equal the premium of your long-term care insurance policy.

A secure plan for your future:
When you're preparing for the future, guaranteed income from an immediate annuity can be an important piece of your financial plan.

How Can An Immediate Annuity Help Me?

Your generation is going to live longer than any previous one. When you purchase an immediate annuity as a secure, tax-advantaged supplement to other retirement income - such as social security or pension benefits - you're assured of income for the rest of your life.

An immediate annuity can solve many of your income needs. The unique guarantee, security and flexibility offered by an immediate annuity make the product an ideal financial solution for many situations. For example, if you're searching for an easy way to manage your retirement income, an immediate annuity can relieve your financial concerns with a simple one-time premium. Or, if you have a qualified plan and want to retire early, an immediate annuity can help you avoid early withdrawal penalties.

An immediate annuity provides protection against outliving your assets:
Advances in technology and healthier lifestyles are allowing Americans to live longer than ever. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (1996), if you plan to retire at age 65, you can anticipate managing your assets for income 20-30 more years. But you can relax -- immediate annuity payments are guaranteed for life (or the certain period of time you choose). You can never outlive lifetime benefit payments and they will never fluctuate. With the guaranteed income offered by an immediate annuity, you'll only have to worry about managing your retirement spending.

When you're relying on a lifetime of benefit payments, it's important to consider companies have high financial strength ratings. That means you can have the added security that, over the years, the insurance company you select will always be here to ensure that your payments are made.

What Are My Immediate Annuity Options?

You can choose among several immediate annuity options that can be customized to meet your needs. You determine the period of time you receive the payments, as well as how often you want to receive them. This flexibility allows you to tailor your income to your lifestyle.

When you purchase an immediate annuity, you can customize the payments to best fit your lifestyle and income needs. The flexibility of an immediate annuity allows you to determine payment frequency and the period of time that you receive them, as well as how you receive the payments.The 1st annuity payment or payment start date can begin in 30 days or can be deferred for up to 12 months. Payments can be received monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or Annual.

Whether you want to receive monthly payments for the next five years or annual payments for the rest of your life, you pick the immediate annuity that meets your income needs.

Choose the payout option that meets your needs:
There are several different types of payout options. The type of payout option you choose determines your payment amount and your flexibility to leave payments to heirs.

  • Lifetime Income with Certain Period:
    Benefits can continue for a certain period of time or a lifetime, whichever is greater. If the annuitant dies before the time period has ended, the remainder of the payments for the time period will be made to a beneficiary.

  • Lifetime Income:
    This option allows for the highest lifetime benefit payments or lowest premium for a specific lifetime payment since there is no guaranteed number of payments. Payments continue for life and end upon the death of the annuitant.

  • Certain Income:
    Benefits will continue for a guaranteed certain period from 5 to 50 years. If the annuitant (usually the owner of the annuity) dies before the certain period is over, the remainder of the payments for the period of time will be made to a beneficiary. If the annuity contains after-tax dollars, the specified period of time plus the annuitant's age cannot exceed the age of 100. If the annuity contains pre-tax dollars, the time period cannot exceed the annuitant's life expectancy.

  • Life Income with Cash Refund:
    Benefits can continue for life. If the annuitant dies before the premium amount is paid, the remainder of the "unearned" premium, as a lump sum, will be paid to a beneficiary.

  • Lifetime Income with Installment Refund:
    Benefits can continue for life. If the annuitant dies before the initial premium is recovered, the annuity payments will continue to be made to the beneficiary in installments until the balance of the premium has been refunded.

Joint and Survivor Options Guarantee Payments for both your life and the life of your spouse, they include:

Joint and 100% to the Survivor - similar guarantees as the single life options may be added.

Joint and 75% to the Survivor

Joint and 67% to the Survivor

Joint and 50% to the Survivor

The reductions can be structured to occur either at the 1st death or only at the death of the primary annuitant. The majority of people have it reduce at the 1st death.

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An Immediate Annuity's Advantages:

An Immediate Annuity is an insurance product that provides a stream of income payments to you for life. The benefits paid by the policy are determined by the amount of the single premium you pay, your age, and your gender. An Immediate Annuity is not a savings account or an investment such as a stock, bond or mutual fund.

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Worry Free
  • Lack of Fees
  • Tax Advantaged

An Immediate Annuity provides peace of mind by guaranteeing a stable lifetime income you can't outlive. You may choose a level payment stream or one that increases with expected inflation. You may select to receive your guaranteed income for life or for a set period of time.

An Immediate Annuity is an insurance product. Your payments are backed by the assets and financial security of your insurance company.

Worry Free:
With an Immediate Annuity, you never need to watch the ups and downs of the stock markets, manage an investment, read or research investment options or wordy prospectuses. You are guaranteed to receive your annuity payments, regardless of market or other economic uncertainty.

Lack of Fees:
An Immediate Annuity has no management, administrative, setup or annual fees or charges - unlike many other investments and investment products.

Tax Advantaged:
When an Immediate Annuity is funded with pretax dollars, taxes are deferred until the benefit payments are distributed. Your annual tax payments may be lower by spreading your tax liability over many years.

When an Immediate Annuity is funded with after-tax dollars, only a part of each benefit payment is interest and considered taxable. The remaining part of the benefit payment is considered a return of your principle and not taxable. Once you have received a return of your principle, all future payments made thereafter will be fully taxable. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.

Immediate Income Annuity Benefits in Dollar Terms:

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and Go to the ...    Immediate Income Annuity Strategy page.


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What is the Real Risk of Investing in the Stock Market?

Why Wealthy Investors Need to Explore Other Wealth Protection Vehicles

To Gain a Full Understanding of the Type of Annuities Available please 1st read each of these pages: Immediate Income Annuities, Index Annuities and Fixed Guaranteed Rate Annuities. Then to ask for a specific quote or request additional information please complete the form associated with the type of annuity you're interested in.


February 2015

Are you looking to earn Yields/Rates as High as 7.00%? Most in the 4.25% to 5.75% range. Then take a look at 2nd Market Fixed Term Annuities as an alternative (Click Here To Get Educated on them and to instantly gain access to Today's Deal Listing).


2/01/2015 Note:  
 All Submitted Requests will receive an Initial Contact within 3 Hours during normal business hours defined as 10:00AM to 4:00PM Eastern Time.

Increase and Stabilized your Monthly Income by Purchasing an Immediate Income Annuity. Either a Life-Time Payout or a Period Certain Payout of 15 Years to 20 Years.

1.18% is the Yield on a 5 Year Treasury Bond

1.68% is the Yield on a 10 Year Treasury Bond

2.25% is the Yield on a 
30 Year Treasury Bond

3.10% is the Rate on a 10 Year Guaranteed Rate Annuity (CD-Type). 7 Year - 2.70%. 2.75% for 5 Years.


February 2015

Highest Fixed Annuity Rates (CD-Type):

3.10% Guaranteed for 10 Years
- A+ Rated Co. by A.M. Best

2.70% Guaranteed for 7 Years - A+ Rated Co. by A.M. Best

2.75% Guaranteed for 5 Years - A+ Rated Co. by A.M. Best

Anything shorter than a 5 year term - Then Annuities are NOT right for you!

Deferred Type Annuities are for Long-term Money with SAFE Savings, SAFE Compound Interest Growth, SAFE Indexing Growth and SAFE Future Income as the Objectives. 7 Years+ to 14 Years are the optimal Terms that should be purchased. Depending on the Specific Annuity and if you choose HOLDING periods can be for longer than 20 Years to Life.

Many Liquidity features are built into Annuities. Examples included in most are (please check): All surrender charges waived at death, FREE withdrawals = to 10% of accumulated value each year, Interest ONLY each year or 5% of accumulated value each year. For some (please check), after the initial term you're free to withdraw all you want when you want. Additional FREE withdrawals for nursing home stays. You won't find these liquidity features in CD's or in Bonds or any other vehicle without having to liquidate them.

We have all Fixed Annuity types from all the leading Companies. It's time you retain one of the Best Experts in the USA who will work hard for you and put your interests 1st all the time, every time. That is not just a slogan it is reality. The introduction to this Expert can ONLY occur by completing any one of the Specific Annuity Request forms on this website.

Question of the year:

What was the 100% Wrong & Dumbest advice preached in mass media and from others (You know who they/you are!) in regards to Fixed Interest Rate Money for the last 17 Years?


Keep your money short-term (defined as 1 to 4 years) and liquid each year every year.


New York State Annuities (ONLY)

NY Residents: you can Buy 2nd Market Fixed Term Annuities.
Please go to that page.

October 2014 Highest Fixed Annuity Rates (CD-Type) in New York ONLY:

2.65% Guaranteed for 10 Years - From A+ A.M. Best Rated Company

2.64% Guaranteed for 7 Years - From A+ A.M. Best Rated Company

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USA Only

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