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4-21-2009... Yes, I know gas prices are low now... But in 1 to 2 years or so we will be back in the same situation.

Do you know why?  Because Congress and the President (Yes the President) isn't doing anything about the Issue. They say they are... However, that is just a cover to push through this Carbon... CAP and Trade (TAX) Policy for the Global warming group.

Do you know what that will mean for you and your Family?

A $3,000+ Annual Per Household Utility TAX - The Utilities will be Taxed Heavily and this TAX will be passed on to the end user, you and your family.

Higher Gas Taxes that you will pay per gallon. Plus higher Gas Prices because their is Nothing in this Energy Bill about locating and drilling for more USA based Oil and Gas.

Higher Fees (Tax) to pass Auto Inspections and for Auto Registrations. You will pay a Tax Based on how many miles per gallon your Auto / SUV or Truck burns.

Many other TAXES on anything you do or use that Burns Carbon Based Energy.

Funny how the cheapest, cleanest and most abundant source of energy is also NOT in the energy bill... NUCLEAR Power!  Not being discussed or included.

So you know how Congress and the President (Yes the President) wants to get the USA off of Foreign Energy??

To make it so Unaffordable for you and your Family... That you STOP Driving... You STOP using Air Conditioning... You STOP using heat... You STOP living your Life!

This is a Completely Unacceptable Energy Policy

It's NOT too late yet to STOP this CRAZY / Insane Energy Plan!

Email your elected Representatives saying that this Carbon CAP and Trade energy plan and the energy plan as currently written should be Killed!!!!

Tell them you want an Energy Policy that makes sense for 90% of the American People.

A Plan that Includes Everything Below is the ONLY PLAN that will work and NOT Bankrupt 90% of Americans and/or Destroy our way of Life.

Read below... It still applies:

WAKE UP and Get involved because time is running out!!!!!



Is $4.00++ per Gallon Gasoline KILLING your Monthly Budget?

Have your Electric Bills gone UP materially so far this summer?

Wait until you see your Heating Bills this Winter!!!!!!


The Politicians have FAILED You on Energy for 30+ Years NOW! Both Democrats and Republicans!

The POLITICIANS have created this Problem due to INACTION and Barriers to all Viable Ideas for 30+ Years. All they do is talk about the problem, debate the problem and blame somebody else for the Problem, then take ZERO Action. The time for talk and debate is OVER! This is a major crisis and a threat to our way of life that will NOT go away on its own... this time!

Listen to the "Kick the Sleeping Dog Story" that T.Boone Pickens tells in a CNBC interview that he learned about from a Politician in 1996 (See Below). This Story describes the reason why the Politicians have created this problem and other major problems we are facing. NOW we need to KICK OUT the "Sleeping Politicians" if they don't take ACTION RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Before their August Vacation! In FACT they shouldn't go on vacation until they set the Action Plan in motion!


The BLANK hit the FAN 5 to 7 months ago and THEY (the Politicians) continue to FAIL YOU with INACTION!!!!!!

Get ready for $5.00 to $7.00 per gallon Gasoline. A DOUBLING of Electric Bills with rolling Black Outs! A DOUBLING of Heating Bills!

Contact all of you local representatives and TELL them that unless they TAKE DECISIVE ACTION NOW. they will be VOTED OUT of OFFICE!

To find your local Politicians: Go Here. Click Here
     Enter your zip code in the "My Elected Officials" Box in the Top Left Corner of the page. Copy and Past my basic plan below and send to Your Elected Reps TODAY! Time is running out!
We the People need to Take Control from this "Get Nothing Done Congress & Senate"! KEEP the PRESURE ON! They have Yet to do Anything! Write them every 3 Days until they ACT on Every Source of Domestic Energy noted below!


What is Decisive Action?


Well. the ONLY Action that will get us out of this mess. The Dependence on Foreign Oil that is and will continue to DESTROY our Economy and Country. Plus HIGH and going HIGHER ENERGY PRICES is to.


Conservation - Important part. but will NOT solve Problem by itself!  Scream Out to your Reps to Vote NO to a 55 mile per hour speed limit.
This is all Congress and their "talking heads" have come up with to date a 55 mile per hour speed limit (Right out of Jimmy Carters play book!).
God are we all in VERY BIG TROUBLE if they go back and pull out all those FAILED programs from that playbook! With a 55 mph speed limit you will be
BURNING a Ton of Gas crawling along in increased Traffic Jams and longer travel times created by all the drivers who will do 45 & 50 mph in a 55 zone!
I know because I lived through the last energy crisis and did a great deal of driving at that time! Gas consumption will increase dramatically along with road rage due to a 55 mph speed limit!

Open UP all Areas NOW off limits to OIL DRILLING and I mean ALL: Deep water Continental Shelf, Anwar and Shale!

DRILL. DRILL. DRILL... for OIL and NATURAL GAS in an environmentally safe way!
This can be done safely. it is done safely everywhere else in the World! In Fact China will soon drill off our coast... thanks to Cuba.


WIND  (T. Boone Pickens Plan... See Below. He describes the Problem Better Than Anyone else ever has.)

Hybrid Auto's and Natural Gas Auto's. All types of hybrid's should be pursued!

Develop Clean COAL Technology and other coal technologies

Biofuels.. all forms should move forward. NOT just Corn.




NUCLEAR - Why haven't we built a Nuclear Power Plant in the last 30 Years??? Why??? Ask you local representatives. Why??? Who Blocks this clean, cheap energy??? Who???

Other New Energy sources. yet to be found.

The Government should Take ALL the Barriers out of the way NOW for every Idea to move forward FAST!!!!! THEN... GOVERNMENT and POLITICIANS should get out of the way
and let free market capitalism work its magic!!!!!!!



T. Boone Pickens has described the PROBLEM we face better than anyone has to date and actually has set in motion part of the ACTION PLAN that needs to be implemented.

The Problem is: $700 Billion per year leaves this Country to Buy Foreign Sources of Energy. In a few years this will be Up to $1 Trillion per year. Then the money is used to BUY up USA Assets. At some point in the Future (if this does not change soon) the USA will be mostly owned by Foreigners.


Go to          Click your back button to return to this page!


View all the following Videos of Mr. T. Boone Pickens and others:

1. Pickens' Energy Plan

Unveiling a plan to cut down energy consumption in the U.S, with Boone Pickens, BP Capital CEO

2. Unveiling a Solution to the Crisis

Further details to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, with Boone Pickens, BP CEO

3. Boone Answers Your Questions
"Kick the Sleeping Dog Story"
Answers to viewer questions about energy, with Boone Pickens, BP CEO

4. Solving America's Energy Crisis

Insight on how Americans can reduce energy consumption, with Boone Pickens, BP CEO and Byron Wien, Pequot Capital

5. Picken's Plan

BP CEO Boone Pickens outlines his energy plan to reduce foreign reliance on oil.

6. The Boone Pickens Plan

Debating whether Boone Pickens' energy plan is genius or a gimmick, with Bruce Bullock, of Southern Methodist University's Maguire Energy Institute, and Rayola Dougher, of the American Petroleum Institute

Also sign a petition at American Solutions (Click Here).


USA Only

Contact: Please Complete Request for Contact Form. 

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