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Top Rated Index Annuities

We Have the TOP Index Annuities for Furture Performance.

Complete the Form Below to Contact Our TOP Index Annuity Expert and
then make your Decision and BUY the Index Annuity from us with our quick and easy process. Also, this Expert will answer any and all questions you have.

Best Performing Crediting Methods.

Highest 1 Year Point-to-Point Index CAP Rate ONLY Index Annuities available!

Highest 1 Year Monthly Index CAP Rate Index Annuities available!

Highest 1 Year Point-to-Point Participation Rate ONLY Index Annuities available!

Best 1 Year Spread Rate Index Annuities available!

Best Non-Bonus Index Annuities!
Also can review Bonus and Monthly average versions.

The Very Best Liquidity Features and Annual Reset design!

Want to Earn Interest on more than the industry standard S&P 500 Index? We have Index Annuities that include multiple Indexes (i.e. DJ EuroSTOXX 50, Russell 2000 and other Popular Indexes like Gold) or have an option to play a down market. Get in contact to Buy from Us TODAY.

We work with Consumers ONLY!

Only we give you the Index Annuity that will perform better going forward than all the others currently available on the market. We will explain why.  Then Buy it from the Experienced Expert you will be introduced to through this website.

March 2014:

Instantly Receive the Following Immediately after Completing the Form Below:

Introduction to a 23 Year experienced Expert and his initial comments.

1. The Study that Proves Index Annuity Returns are Very Competitive by The Wharton School - Financial Institutions Center

2. How can an Index Annuity Strengthen Your Retirement?

3. What are the Advantages of Annual Reset?

Sorry New York State Residents none of the High Quality Index Annuities are available in your State.

NOT all Index Annuities are created equal! Only we can get you into the Best Performing Index Annuities going forward.

Past performance is meaningless in determining which specific Index Annuity will perform best going forward. Past Performance only works when comparing other asset classes vs. an Index Annuity in general and NOT filtering out the index annuity performers going forward.

Income Riders do NOT imply real actual performance you can walk away with and only we explain the Truth on this topic!

This FACT is the Truth and anyone telling you differently doesn't fully understand how Index Annuities work.

Amounts You Have Available to Invest?
*Other Details:
Please Explain your Objectives in more Detail and Provide any other information you think I should know in order to show you the very best Index Annuities on the market:
* When Do You Intend to Buy this Index Annuity?
Call me NOW... I am Ready to BUY the Very Best Index Annuity Available ASAP!
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In 1 to 2 Months
In 3 to 4 Months
In 5 to 7 Months
In 8 Months to 1 Year
Longer than 1 Year
Longer than 3 Years
Important Information:
Where Do You INTEND to BUY this Index Annuity?
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I am already a Client of this Service.
I want to meet Face to Face with an Agent or Broker or Advisor.
I prefer to Buy (Over Phone & via FedEX) NO Face to Face Meeting. Contact me so I can get ALL the Details on Specific Index Annuities and How to Buy them.
I Just want to TALK to you about the very best Index Annuity Options ... Call me.
I am the Agent or Broker or Advisor.
I intend to buy through an Agent or Broker or Advisor I already know. (Then WHY are you Contacting Us?)
I am a Trustee or CPA or Attorney.
All information is required in order to provide you with accurate quotes/information and detailed brochures.
All information you provide will be kept confidential.

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USA Only

Contact: Please Complete Request for Contact Form. 

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