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Immediate Annuities are simply Income Annuities.

An Immediate Annuity provides a guaranteed monthly income for life or a period of time. It's your choice and they can be designed to meet your specific needs (ask how).

Immediate Annuities are a very simple NO cost NO worry strategy to understand, setup and count on to provide you a check or direct deposit of income each month for as long as you live. The money / cash flow doesn't stop until you do (additional payment guarantee options may be added). Dollar for dollar it provides a higher actual monthly cash flow than any other investment option.

Immediate Annuities are the perfect choice to provide the income you need in retirement so that you can focus on and enjoy every day of retirement.

Safely Position 30% - 60% of your Portfolio to generate a Guaranteed Fixed Income for your Life or for the Life of you & your spouse. A Guaranteed Fixed Income can also be set up for a specified period of time, 10 Years up to 30 Years.
Immediate Annuities are the ONLY SAFE SOLUTION to your Long-term Income needs!

GUARANTEE your INCOME for LIFE or for a SPECIFIED PERIOD of TIME with an Immediate Annuity or Income Annuity (as they are sometimes called)!

Immediate Annuities offer you Monthly Fixed Income with a large portion of that Income classified as TAX FREE Income ( For Non-Qualified or Non-Pension / IRA money ). Learn how to reduce Taxes on your Interest Income and Increase your monthly spendable income (Net after Tax Income).

401K, IRA, IRA Rollover or Pension Rollover money can be used to BUY an Immediate Annuity to provide you an Income Stream for your LIFE or joint-lives if you include your spouse! The transfer does NOT create a Taxable event. Only the income you receive each calendar year will be Taxable Income.

We Have the Highest Payouts! Buy all of your Annuities Here!  We are Immediate Annuity Specialists!

10 Year (120 Month) Period Certain Immediate Income Annuity (Payments Start in 30 Days): Rated A- by AM Best
   Non-Qualified Funds for numbers Below – I Can also do IRA Rollovers for qualified money #’s same.

$2,000.00 per month {Yr.=$24,000.00}- Price $205,131.10– Total $240,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

That is an interest Gain of $34,868.90 Over the 10 Years while spending down. This Can’t be Matched
in any other Completely Safe Vehicle with Guaranteed Monthly Payments.

$1,000.00 per month {Yr.=$12,000.00}- Price $102,565.55– Total $120,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free
$3,000.00 per month {Yr.=$36,000.00}- Price $307,696.65– Total $360,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

$4,000.00 per month {Yr.=$48,000.00}- Price $410,262.20– Total $480,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

$5,000.00 per month {Yr.=$60,000.00}- Price $512,827.75– Total $600,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

This is by FAR the Highest Monthly Payout for the Dollars put in
on a 10 Year Period Certain Annuity that is on the Market Today!

Per $100,000 that is $974.99 per month for 120 months / 10 Years Certain

We Have Highest Payout for a 10 Year Period Certain and 15 Year Period Certain!
Per $400,000:
                       10 Year Period Certain $3,899.94 per month
                       12 Year Period Certain $3,349.30 per month
                       15 Year Period Certain $2,801.46 per month

Why do Immediate Income Annuities have a major advantage over other "Fixed Income" type vehicles? Immediate Annuities require LESS CAPITAL to produce the same amount of Monthly Cash Flow than any other "Fixed Income" type vehicles and can do it with greater Tax Efficiency using non-qualified funds. For non-qualified funds the monthly net after Tax Cash Flows blow the doors off other "Fixed Income" type vehicles.

Example: Male age 65 payout on $100,000 is $639.60 per month or $7,675.20 per year. This is a cash flow rate of 7.68% on $100,000.

What is the approximate capital needed to match the above immediate income annuity cash flows of $7,675.20 with other "Fixed Income" type vehicles at current rates as of (8-02-2013)?

$100,000 in a Male 65 Life payout generates $7,675.20 in Cash Flow over 12 months or $639.60 per month-CFR 7.68%

$259,000 needed in a 30 Year Treasury Bond at..................................... 3.69%
$431,000 needed in a 10 Year Treasury Bond at..................................... 2.63%
$1,051,000 needed in a   5 Year Treasury Bond at..................................... 1.36%
$731,000 needed in a   1 Yr. Certificate of Deposit (CD).......................... 1.20%
needed in a  20+ to 30 Year Corporate AAA Rated Moody's at  4.51%
$172,000 needed in a  20+ to 30 Year Corporate BBB Rated Moody's at  5.40%
needed in a Mixed quality long-term Municipal Bond at...........  4.39%

This Immediate Annuity cash flow Superiority Exists at Every AGE ... at any snap shot in time you chose to analyze!

To match the net after Tax cash flows you need add materially more Capital into these other vehicles.

The math provides the proof and doesn't lie! If you use a Period Certain Payout of 15 to 20 Years at age 65 the differences are greater.


"Still, faced with the challenge of managing withdrawals from their retirement nest egg on their own, many retirees would do well to annuitize some of their savings, many independent studies have found."

"Studies clearly show that annuities should be used extensively" to guard against the risk of running out of money in retirement, said Allen Sinai, chief global economist and president of Decision Economics, a research and advisory firm. By including immediate annuities in a diversified portfolio, for example, retirees can afford to invest other assets more aggressively and still make their money last longer. "

"Annuities may even be a better investment than stocks at times, depending on market conditions. Baylor University investments Prof. William Reichenstein studied various portfolios between 1972 and 2000. He found that a 65-year-old retiree with a $1 million portfolio invested in a mix of 40 percent stocks and 60 percent bonds withdrawing $45,000 a year from his account would have run out of money in 1995, at age 88, in part because of poor performance in the early years. Had he taken half of his portfolio and bought a fixed annuity instead, he would still have had $136,000 left at age 95."

"The neat thing about fixed immediate annuities is that they function like bonds in your portfolio," says Reichenstein. But the added advantage of the lifetime versions is that they promise to pay you the same amount until you die, not simply over five or 10 years. Moreover, while bonds can lose value, there is no such risk with these types of annuities. Because annuities are like bonds, investors don't have to have as much of their portfolios in fixed-income investments."

"Margin of safety: Because insurance companies pool the money and life expectancies of thousands of annuity buyers, they can typically offer more income than an investor could safely generate with the same amount of investment. A 65-year-old man might only feel comfortable taking out $5,000 at most from a $100,000 retirement account. But that same man could go to an insurer and get a fixed immediate income annuity paying around $7,500 a year for the rest of his life."


We search the entire market and present to you the Highest 5 to 10 Income Payouts Available. These are the Companies with the highest annuity income payments out of the larger universe of companies (50+)researched by us that are Rated A- to A++ (The Highest Rating Possible is A++) by A.M.Best. You can be assured that you will get the highest current income payouts in the USA by doing business with us.  Our quotes are not estimates, they are accurate.

All you then need to do is Decide which Immediate Annuity to Buy from us.

Quotes are time sensitive and good for up to 7 Days in most cases.

Estimates of a $100,000 Immediate Annuity (Non-Qualified) with Monthly Guaranteed Payments are the following (Updated 8/27/2012):

Years Period Certain

5 Yr 

10 Yr

15 Yr

20 Yr 

25 Yr 

30 Yr

Guaranteed Amounts














Life Only







Life and 15 Years Certain







Life and 20 Years Certain







Female - Ages







Life Only







Life and 15 Years Certain







Life and 20 Years Certain







Male/Female = Ages







Joint and 100% Survivor







These may or may not be the Highest Available. Get Current Actual Quotes Now: Click Here!

Immediate Annuity Benefits in Dollar Terms:

What Income Planning Benefits or monthly cash flows can a 13 Year, 15 Year, 18 Year, 20 Year, 23 Year, 25 Year, 28 Year or 30 Year Period Certain Annuity Provide to You?

Example for a $1,000,000 Immediate Income Annuity (All Monthly Payments are Guaranteed):

Period Certain Immediate Income Annuities (No Life): (Payments Start in 30 Days)
EIR = Effective Interest Rate Earned during Payout Period (also called IRR - internal rate of return)

Period Certain for 13 Years - Payments 80.50% Tax Free:

$7,960.94 per mo - $95,531.28 over 12 mos - $1,241,906.64 over 13 Yrs - EIR 3.44383%

Period Certain for 15 Years - Payments 76.30% Tax Free:

per mo - $87,428.76 over 12 mos - $1,311,431.40 over 15 Yrs - EIR 3.7772%

Period Certain for 18 Years - Payments 71.60% Tax Free:

 per mo - $77,590.08 over 12 mos - $1,396,621.44 over 18 Yrs - EIR 3.92995%

Period Certain for 20 Years - Payments 68.60% Tax Free:

$6,075.36 per mo - $72,904.32 over 12 mos - $1,458,086.40 over 20 Yrs - EIR 4.0295%

Period Certain for 23 Years - Payments 64.40% Tax Free:

per mo - $67,469.64 over 12 mos - $1,551,801.72 over 23 Yrs - EIR 4.13776%

Period Certain for 25 Years - Payments 61.70% Tax Free:

per mo - $64,787.52 over 12 mos - $1,619,688.00 over 25 Yrs - EIR 4.21708%

Period Certain for 28 Years - Payments 58.10% Tax Free:

$5,125.73 per mo - $61,508.76 over 12 mos - $1,722,245.28 over 28 Yrs - EIR 4.30349%

Period Certain for 30 Years - Payments 55.70% Tax Free:

$4,991.07 per mo - $59,892.84 over 12 mos - $1,796,785.20 over 30Yrs - EIR 4.37197%

For small or Larger amounts divide or multiply these amounts. Example: for a $500,000 amount divide these payouts by 2 and for a $250,000 amount divide these payouts by 4, etc. etc..

These Payouts & Effective Interest Rates were generated in 2011 and may or may not be the highest currently available.

Just think how these can INCREASE your monthly and annual NET AFTER TAX CASH FLOW! Plus, Period Certain Annuities can be used at ANY AGE and are not just for retirement. Period Certain Annuities are NOT subject to the IRS imposed 10% Tax Penalty on Non-Qualified Money.  

Immediate Annuities can be used in various Stratigic way's for Future Income Distribution Planning.

Read our NEW Immediate Income Annuity Strategy: Income Strategy (Click Here)

Are you 10, 15 or 18 years from Retirement? Do you want to Buy your monthly payments Today at a Discount? You will have to complete one of our Request Forms and call the Expert to learn how that can be accomplished. Yes... It can be safely accomplished with No Speculation and No Guesswork!

Annuity: A Directional Indicator of Annuity Rates and Payouts is the change in Treasury Bond Yields Click Here
to View.

Get a Detailed Current Quotes Now (Click Here) !

What Is An Immediate Annuity?

An immediate annuity provides a secure and guaranteed way to turn the money you set aside for retirement into retirement income. You give the insurance company a lump sum of money (called a premium) and in return, you're guaranteed a steady stream of income payments for your entire life, or for a period of time that you specify.

An immediate annuity provides a secure, tax-advantaged way to receive income from assets. With this type of annuity, income payments usually begin soon after the immediate annuity is purchased.

Purchasing an immediate annuity requires a one time premium payment. Retirees often purchase a single premium immediate annuity with funds received from 401(k) plans, IRAs, saving accounts, the cash value or death proceeds from life insurance or the proceeds from the sale of a home. The company issuing the immediate annuity guarantees payments directly to you monthly, quarterly, annually or semi-annually for life or for a guaranteed period of time. The 1st annuity payment or payment start date can begin in 30 days or can be deferred for up to 12 months.

Payments from an immediate annuity can be scheduled to supplement your regular social security or pension plans.

Payments can be designed to equal the premium of your long-term care insurance policy.

A secure plan for your future:
When you're preparing for the future, guaranteed income from an immediate annuity can be an important piece of your financial plan.

How Can An Immediate Annuity Help Me?

Your generation is going to live longer than any previous one. When you purchase an immediate annuity as a secure, tax-advantaged supplement to other retirement income - such as social security or pension benefits - you're assured of income for the rest of your life.

An immediate annuity can solve many of your income needs. The unique guarantee, security and flexibility offered by an immediate annuity make the product an ideal financial solution for many situations. For example, if you're searching for an easy way to manage your retirement income, an immediate annuity can relieve your financial concerns with a simple one-time premium. Or, if you have a qualified plan and want to retire early, an immediate annuity can help you avoid early withdrawal penalties.

An immediate annuity provides protection against outliving your assets:
Advances in technology and healthier lifestyles are allowing Americans to live longer than ever. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (1996), if you plan to retire at age 65, you can anticipate managing your assets for income 20-30 more years. But you can relax -- immediate annuity payments are guaranteed for life (or the certain period of time you choose). You can never outlive lifetime benefit payments and they will never fluctuate. With the guaranteed income offered by an immediate annuity, you'll only have to worry about managing your retirement spending.

When you're relying on a lifetime of benefit payments, it's important to consider companies have high financial strength ratings. That means you can have the added security that, over the years, the insurance company you select will always be here to ensure that your payments are made.

What Are My Immediate Annuity Options?

You can choose among several immediate annuity options that can be customized to meet your needs. You determine the period of time you receive the payments, as well as how often you want to receive them. This flexibility allows you to tailor your income to your lifestyle.

When you purchase an immediate annuity, you can customize the payments to best fit your lifestyle and income needs. The flexibility of an immediate annuity allows you to determine payment frequency and the period of time that you receive them, as well as how you receive the payments.The 1st annuity payment or payment start date can begin in 30 days or can be deferred for up to 12 months. Payments can be received monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or Annual.

Whether you want to receive monthly payments for the next five years or annual payments for the rest of your life, you pick the immediate annuity that meets your income needs.

Choose the payout option that meets your needs:
There are several different types of payout options. The type of payout option you choose determines your payment amount and your flexibility to leave payments to heirs.

  • Lifetime Income with Certain Period:
    Benefits can continue for a certain period of time or a lifetime, whichever is greater. If the annuitant dies before the time period has ended, the remainder of the payments for the time period will be made to a beneficiary.

  • Lifetime Income:
    This option allows for the highest lifetime benefit payments or lowest premium for a specific lifetime payment since there is no guaranteed number of payments. Payments continue for life and end upon the death of the annuitant.

  • Certain Income:
    Benefits will continue for a guaranteed certain period from 5 to 50 years. If the annuitant (usually the owner of the annuity) dies before the certain period is over, the remainder of the payments for the period of time will be made to a beneficiary. If the annuity contains after-tax dollars, the specified period of time plus the annuitant's age cannot exceed the age of 100. If the annuity contains pre-tax dollars, the time period cannot exceed the annuitant's life expectancy.

  • Life Income with Cash Refund:
    Benefits can continue for life. If the annuitant dies before the premium amount is paid, the remainder of the "unearned" premium, as a lump sum, will be paid to a beneficiary.

  • Lifetime Income with Installment Refund:
    Benefits can continue for life. If the annuitant dies before the initial premium is recovered, the annuity payments will continue to be made to the beneficiary in installments until the balance of the premium has been refunded. 

  • Joint and Survivor Options Guarantee Payments for both your life and the life of your spouse, they include:

    Joint and 100% to the Survivor - similar guarantees as the single life options may be added.

    Joint and 75% to the Survivor

    Joint and 67% to the Survivor

    Joint and 50% to the Survivor

    The reductions can be structured to occur either at the 1st death or only at the death of the primary annuitant. The majority of people have it reduce at the 1st death.

  • I Understand........Give ME a Detailed Quote Now....Click Here!

    An Immediate Annuity's Advantages:

    An Immediate Annuity is an insurance product that provides a stream of income payments to you for life. The benefits paid by the policy are determined by the amount of the single premium you pay, your age, and your gender. An Immediate Annuity is not a savings account or an investment such as a stock, bond or mutual fund.

    • Security
    • Safety
    • Worry Free
    • Lack of Fees
    • Tax Advantaged

    An Immediate Annuity provides peace of mind by guaranteeing a stable lifetime income you can't outlive. You may choose a level payment stream or one that increases with expected inflation. You may select to receive your guaranteed income for life or for a set period of time.

    An Immediate Annuity is an insurance product. Your payments are backed by the assets and financial security of your insurance company.

    Worry Free:
    With an Immediate Annuity, you never need to watch the ups and downs of the stock markets, manage an investment, read or research investment options or wordy prospectuses. You are guaranteed to receive your annuity payments, regardless of market or other economic uncertainty.

    Lack of Fees:
    An Immediate Annuity has no management, administrative, setup or annual fees or charges - unlike many other investments and investment products.

    Tax Advantaged:
    When an Immediate Annuity is funded with pretax dollars, taxes are deferred until the benefit payments are distributed. Your annual tax payments may be lower by spreading your tax liability over many years.

    When an Immediate Annuity is funded with after-tax dollars, only a part of each benefit payment is interest and considered taxable. The remaining part of the benefit payment is considered a return of your principle and not taxable. Once you have received a return of your principle, all future payments made thereafter will be fully taxable. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.


Do you want Guaranteed Income for Life? (Click Here for Quote)

To Gain a Full Understanding of the Type of Annuities Available please 1st read each of these pages: Immediate Income Annuities, Index Annuities and Fixed Guaranteed Rate Annuities. Then to ask for a specific quote or request additional information please complete the form associated with the type of annuity you're interested in.

Take a Look at Interest Rate History all the way back to 1919 and compare in your mind where Rates were to Actual Events in History (Interest Rate Source the Federal Reserve):

Market Interest Rate History - 1919 to Present: Long Term Aaa & Baa rated Corporate Bonds. Proof that the BUBBLE in Interest Rates is now over. This bubble was caused by the U.S. Government's economic & tax policies of the mid 60's through 1981. The beginning of the end started in 1981 when a dramatic change in economic & tax policy occurred. This process of eliminating Inflationary Premiums in bond & debt pricing took about 23 Years to unwind. We are now back in the NORMAL HISTORICAL RANGE for Interest Rates where Aaa Corporate bonds Peak at around 5.50% (Pre 1968) and with Lows possible at Sub 3.00%. This Normal Historical Range will last for as long as the markets are confident that the # 1 Priority of the Federal Reserve is and will continue to be Low Inflation.


Sorry, the Federal Reserve changed the way they deliver the rates in May 2011. You can still get the Rates by clicking what you need above and then copy and paste the 2nd link that appears into your browser address bar.  It is now in down load Excel form and not a web page.



USA Only

Contact: Please Complete Request for Contact Form.

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